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The Entrepreneurial guide

In the middle ages, with the appearance of the first craftsmen, there was a need for protection of their rights and their work, from noncompetence workers, as well as the need for protection from foreign competition. From these reasons craftsmen made guilds, as the economic and social organization of craftsmen.
           First guilds in Pirot were founded in 14th century. To 1912. each guild worked separately and only for themselves. In 1912. year came into force a law on shops, and all guilds were united in CRAFTSMEN  guild for the district of Pirot.
           Pirot has long tradition as a trade link between the east and west. Very good, responsible and genuine craftsmen, with all their ups and downs, technical and technological changes, Pirot saved and has continued the tradition since these days. 
           In the year of 2007 in Pirot was founded General association of private firms. It brings together 1,365 entrepreneurs and 357 firms(companies). The main objectives of the Association are the improvement of the work and business for entrepreneurs and enterprises, improving the legal and legislative conditions and development.
For only one year of existence, Association initiated many actions, signed several agreements and made numerous contacts and the projects.
This Entrepreneurial guide is like the crown of the work and the existence of General association of private firms in Pirot. All entrepreneurs and all companies of Pirot, are gathered here, for the first time together, in one place.
And it is only the beginning. We ‘ll make progress together and make success by working together, because entrepreneurship is the basis of social progress and well-being of each individual.
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